Friday, June 14, 2013

Glinda, the Witch Trainee

After sculpting realistic figures, we finally got to design and sculpt our own characters!

It took me long to decide what kind of character to do, and I contemplated on doing a cobbler at first... But I choose to do a witch instead, because I wanted to try sculpting a large hat!

Glinda is her name, and she is a cowardly witch trainee (that was why I gave her a green costume. Green for greenhorn!) She is trying to overcome her fear of slimy creatures and despite skepticism from her peers, she is determined to succeed!

For this project, I used Super Sculpey and painted her with acrylic. Her limbs and tail were made thicker too, so she stayed sturdy even after baking. I had the most fun sculpting her hat and hair! 
Oh, making the shiny wooden base was fun too! But the giant wood sawing machine was very scary...

Here is a close up of Glinda working her magic in her workshop:

By the way, my roommate was the one who suggested Glinda's name. How nice of her!


  1. Hi Aemilia!!! Sisca here! how are you? just saw your blog. uh-mazing stuff! love love love your stuff more and more.

    1. Hello Sisca! I am really really sorry for the late reply!! I am doing fine! And thank you for visiting my blog! I hope that you are doing well too! :D