Thursday, December 12, 2013

Some Concept 1 Stuffs

Hi again! Here are some of the stuffs that I did for Concept 1!
For this course, we learned to storyboard and made animatics (plus some sound recording, etc).
Storyboarding is super important, and one can make/ break the story at this stage... So, I am glad that I get to start practicing now. We did quite a number of exercises, so I will just share some!

Money Money Money (A conflict between two characters who want the same thing).
We pretty much could do whatever we wanted for this assignment, just had to make sure that it stayed under one minute. Also, this is our final assignment, so we were expected to utilize everything we learned up until that point...!

And here are some short ones that we did earlier! They focused on deep staging...and were only 20 seconds each (not counting the title). We were limited to 5 shots... so we had to board wisely!

The Frog (Situation: A frog plays a musical instrument badly, and gets a tomato thrown at it. Then it doges the attack).

Raven (Situation: A raven drops a flower pot on a passer-by for whatever reason).

Some Computer Animation Stuffs

More Sophomore Semester 1 stuffs!

Here's some of the Computer Animation assignments! I have always wanted to improve my animating skills (plus rigging and modeling), so the assignments came in useful... very useful...! These two assignments are the major ones...(we also did some bouncing balls and a scary penguin modeling)!

Okay, meet Patchy, a friendly patchwork dino!
We focused on simple polygon modeling (no arms and neck). Also, we did jump, walk and turn animation.

Aaand, here's Timmy, the tiny boy. This is one of our earlier assignments, so the models and rigs are simple! I couldn't wait for Christmas, so the whole thing is Christmassy.... You should watch this with the sound on!


It's Winter Break!!

Hello everyone! One of our busiest semesters is over, and it is now time for a well-deserved break!
Which also mean that it's time to upload my works from Ringling...!

Here's some of my Traditional Animation 2 stuffs..... Come to think of it, this is gonna be the last time we are doing traditional animation... I sure learned a great deal about timing, arcs, stretch and squash, exaggeration, etc from it.... Despite all the time constraints, paper cuts, and pain, it's worth it!

Anyway, here's Johnny, the Jock. He got his first breakup letter, so he's sad :)

Here's a small fun poodle walk... I remember feeling extremely worried about animating a quadruped walk for the first time... but it's done!

And here's our final assignment, the dance (you might want to turn down the volume of your computer... the music is loud!).... Each person got a portion of a song to animate, and we have to make sure that our animation link seamlessly (or almost) from one person to another. Everyone was in a mad rush to finish the many assignments out there during the final week... so it was crazy! This is my portion... I hope that someone uploads the full version with everyone's dances!