Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's Raining Hydrangeas!

It has been raining a lot here (in Kyoto)! But then, there are really beautiful hydrangeas everywhere... and they look especially good after the rain! The only thing is that when it rains, I can't cycle (though most people here simply cycle while holding an umbrella on one hand. I tried and failed spectacularly)! 

I was pretty much stuck in the house, so I tried drawing something different!


Whew, this one brings back a lot of memories! I drew this roughly a year ago (or was it two years ago?) as I was applying to Ringling, scholarships, and such! I took my own sweet time and got pretty obsessed with drawing the tree-person!

I felt that my parents did so much for me as I grew up (even until now), and I am aware that I can't repay them yet. So the drawing pretty much sums up my feelings!

Shooting Star

This is another one of those spur in the moment drawings! The girl seems to be having a lot of fun, but I suppose, it's impossible to fly backwards like that... at such a speed too!

The Ride Back Home

Right now in Kyoto, I cycle to almost everywhere! There are lots of small rice plantations around the area I am staying at, and you can see the reflection of the sky on them. It's really beautiful during the sunset!

That got me inspired, so I tried to convey that feeling in this drawing.....
Hmm, I guess I will do a better one next time!


Here's something I did quite recently. Back then when I was living in Tokyo as a kid, I used to visit the planetarium a lot (which explains my love for spacey stuffs)! I really missed going to one and was listening to a lot of spacey music too, so this drawing kinda happened!

UFO...... in the Desert?

Hello again! This is another one of my perspective assignment, where we had to do a 3-point perspective drawing! And the theme is... Trojan Horse! The UFO, which has been hiding inside the pyramid all these while, decides to finally reveal itself. Kabooom!

But you see, some people who saw my drawing thought that the UFO was attacking the pyramid instead. So I guess you can see it that way too! (By the way, my lecturer was very into supernatural stuffs like UFO and aliens..... just like me?!)

I remember doing this assignment at the same time with our final traditional animation assignment (the walking Panana one). Plus, we were busy packing our belongings to put inside the storage for summer..... So, it was pretty crazy!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Elephant Man

Here's my 2D assignment from last semester! We had to create a composition and turn it into an illustration... So I drew an elephant man! Why a skinny elephant man? Because the curly shapes from the composition reminded me of an elephant trunk and I was hungry.

Coming up with the composition took me sometime, but doing the actual painting was a pretty smooth affair!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Glinda, the Witch Trainee

After sculpting realistic figures, we finally got to design and sculpt our own characters!

It took me long to decide what kind of character to do, and I contemplated on doing a cobbler at first... But I choose to do a witch instead, because I wanted to try sculpting a large hat!

Glinda is her name, and she is a cowardly witch trainee (that was why I gave her a green costume. Green for greenhorn!) She is trying to overcome her fear of slimy creatures and despite skepticism from her peers, she is determined to succeed!

For this project, I used Super Sculpey and painted her with acrylic. Her limbs and tail were made thicker too, so she stayed sturdy even after baking. I had the most fun sculpting her hat and hair! 
Oh, making the shiny wooden base was fun too! But the giant wood sawing machine was very scary...

Here is a close up of Glinda working her magic in her workshop:

By the way, my roommate was the one who suggested Glinda's name. How nice of her!

Figure Sculpting

Other than drawing and animating, we did some clay sculptures too in semester two.
One of the earliest assignments was to sculpt an √©corch√© using oil clay. 
Well, my thought when I touched oil clay for the first time was that... it was super sticky! 
The kind I got was the firm variety too, so my hands got tired quickly.
But once the warmth of my hands heated the stubborn clay, it turned softer. Not bad!

Next, we moved on to sculpt a life model!

I used oil clay again, but this time, it was super soft! So, I was extra gentle throughout.

I love sculpting with clay!! For each sculpting assignment, I wished that we could have taken our own sweet time... But there's no such privilege!

Panana the Happy Monkey

In semester two, we started our traditional animation class... and it was pretty intense!
We did a bunch of bouncing balls and flour sacks before moving on to our own characters.
In a lucky draw, I got a monkey, so here's Panana... the happy monkey!
Panana is simple-minded and bouncy. He likes bananas.

Here's a happy walk cycle (actually, he's kinda skipping):


 And here's one where he jumps to get some bananas:


I am glad that I did a happy character, because he kept me happy during those sleep deprived moments...!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Hello! I am Aemilia and this is my art blog! Updates to come soon...!!